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Csilla Saysell looking at the
theme of faithfulness, sharing
with us from the story of
David’s Great-Grandma.
(Sunday 31 July).




Kia Ora!
Welcome to Royal Oak Baptist Church. We are a diverse community of people who have one thing in common: we are all seeking to follow Jesus and to share His love and truth with others.

Our vision is for “Whole Lives, Whole Communities.” We seek to allow God's grace and truth to work in us and through us to transform us while also transfroming those around us. In the following links you’ll discover a little more as to how this is outworked here at Royal Oak Baptist...

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Thursday, September 01

9.30am Playgroup

Sunday, September 04

7.15pm Theos Cafe

Sunday, September 04

10am Sunday Service

MoreReuben from ROBC Youth shares his testimony before baptism...